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Autoload Class Reference

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Static Public Member Functions

static queue_dirs ($dirs)
static habari_autoload ($class_name)

Static Public Attributes

static $files = null

Detailed Description

Attempt to load the class before PHP fails with an error. This method is called automatically in case you are trying to use a class which hasn't been defined yet.

We look for the undefined class in the following folders:

string $class_name Class called by the user

Definition at line 19 of file autoload.php.

Member Function Documentation

static Autoload::habari_autoload ( class_name  )  [static]

SPL Autoload function, includes a file to meet requirement of loading a class by name

string $class_name The name of a class, including (if present) a namespace
bool True if this function successfully autoloads the class in question

Definition at line 62 of file autoload.php.

static Autoload::queue_dirs ( dirs  )  [static]

Queue directories for class autoloading

Array|string $dirs An array of directories or a single directory to autoload classes from
array The full list of files that could be used for autoloading

Definition at line 28 of file autoload.php.

Referenced by habari_autoload(), and Plugins::load_active().

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