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 execute ($method, $url, $headers, $body, $config)
 _headerfunction ($ch, $str)
 get_response_body ()
 get_response_headers ()

Detailed Description

RequestProcessor using CURL.

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CURLRequestProcessor::_headerfunction ( ch,

cURL will hand each header received by the *response* to this method, so we use it to conveniently capture them for storing in case the user wants them.

$ch resource The cURL handle from curl_init() that is executing.
$str string The header received from the response. Should always be a single header at a time.
int The length of the header. Used by cURL to report the header_size returned by the curl_getinfo() method.

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CURLRequestProcessor::execute ( method,

Possibly find a way to generate a temp file without needing the user to set write permissions on cache directory
Fallback to using the the old way if the cache directory isn't writable
How about trying to use the system-defined temp directory? We could at least try, even if safe_mode or something breaks it. - chrismeller

Reimplemented from RequestProcessor.

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