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Public Member Functions

 action_theme_activated ()
 action_theme_ui ($theme)
 action_init_theme ()
 add_template_vars ()
 filter_post_tags_out ($array)
 theme_post_comments_link ($theme, $post)
 filter_post_content_excerpt ($return)
 theme_search_prompt ($theme, $criteria, $has_results)
 theme_search_form ($theme)
 theme_show_tags ($theme)
 action_form_comment ($form)
 filter_block_list ($block_list)
 action_block_content_charcoal_menu ($block, $theme)

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Detailed Description

Definition at line 5 of file theme.php.

Member Function Documentation

Charcoal::action_block_content_charcoal_menu ( block,

Produce a menu for the Charcoal menu block from all of the available pages

Definition at line 241 of file theme.php.

Charcoal::action_form_comment ( form  ) 

Customize comment form layout. Needs thorough commenting.

Definition at line 218 of file theme.php.

Charcoal::action_init_theme (  ) 

Execute on theme init to apply these filters to output

Definition at line 67 of file theme.php.

Charcoal::action_theme_activated (  ) 

On theme activation, set the default options and activate a default menu

Definition at line 22 of file theme.php.

Charcoal::action_theme_ui ( theme  ) 

Configuration form for the Charcoal theme

Definition at line 43 of file theme.php.

Charcoal::add_template_vars (  ) 

Add some variables to the template output

Reimplemented from Theme.

Definition at line 82 of file theme.php.

Charcoal::filter_block_list ( block_list  ) 

Add a charcoal_menu block to the list of available blocks

Definition at line 232 of file theme.php.

Charcoal::filter_post_tags_out ( array  ) 

Convert a post's tags array into a usable list of links

array $array The tags array from a Post object
string The HTML of the linked tags

Definition at line 141 of file theme.php.

Charcoal::theme_show_tags ( theme  ) 

Returns an unordered list of all used Tags

Definition at line 191 of file theme.php.

Member Data Documentation

Initial value:
    'show_title_image' => false,
    'home_label' => 'Blog',
    'show_entry_paperclip' => true,
    'show_page_paperclip' => false,
    'show_powered' => true,
    'display_login' => true,
    'tags_in_multiple' => false,
    'show_post_nav' => true,
    'tags_count' => 40,

Definition at line 7 of file theme.php.

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