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Public Member Functions

 __construct ($params=array())
 getPhotoURL ($photo, $size= '')
 getFrob ()
 authLink ($frob)
 getToken ($frob)
 cachedToken ()
 getSizes ($photo_id)
 getPublicPhotos ($nsid, $extras= '', $per_page= '', $page= '')
 photosetsGetList ($nsid= '')
 photosetsGetInfo ($photoset_id)
 photosetGetPrimary ($p, $size= 'm', $ext= '.jpg')
 photosetsGetPhotos ($photoset_id)
 photosetsAddPhoto ($photoset_id, $photo_id)
 photosRecentlyUpdated ()
 mediaSearch ($params=array())
 photosSearch ($params=array())
 videoSearch ($params=array())
 tagsGetListUser ($userid=null)
 photosGetInfo ($photo_id)
 upload ($photo, $title= '', $description= '', $tags= '', $perms= '', $async=1)
 photosUploadCheckTickets ($tickets)
 reflectionGetMethods ()

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Member Function Documentation

Flickr::getPhotoURL ( photo,
size = '' 

get a URL for a photo

mixed $photo object, array, or integer object: a SimpleXMLElement as returned by photosGetInfo() array: the 'photo' element of the XML from photosGetInfo int: a Flickr photo ID
string $size the size of the photo to fetch
string the URL of the requested photo

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Flickr::upload ( photo,
title = '',
description = '',
tags = '',
perms = '',
async = 1 

upload an image to Flickr

mixed path to the file to upload, or the raw data itself
String title of the file
String description of the file
String a comma-separated list of tags
Array an array of permissions to apply
Boolean whether to perform an asynchronous upload or not
String a Flickr photo ID or a ticket ID

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