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Public Member Functions

 __construct ($name, $storage= 'null:null', array $properties=array(), array $settings=array())
 get (Theme $theme)
 set_node ($node)
 set_value ($value, $manually=true)

Public Attributes

 $node = null

Detailed Description

This control represents a DOM-based input field, and is not rendered to the page, but retains data from when it is defined to when the form is processed for success

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

FormControlDom::__construct ( name,
storage = 'null:null',
array $  properties = array(),
array $  settings = array() 

Construct a control.

string $name The name of the control
FormStorage|string|null $storage A storage location for the data collected by the control
array $properties An array of properties that apply to the output HTML
array $settings An array of settings that apply to this control object

Reimplemented from FormControl.

Definition at line 14 of file formcontroldom.php.

Member Function Documentation

FormControlDom::get ( Theme theme  ) 

This control shouldn't output anything

Theme $theme

Reimplemented from FormControl.

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FormControlDom::set_node ( node  ) 

Set the HTMLNode that this control associates with

HTMLNode $node The node that this control is associated with
FormControlDom $this

Definition at line 53 of file formcontroldom.php.

FormControlDom::set_value ( value,
manually = true 

Set the value of this control

mixed $value The value to set
bool $manually True if this value is set internally rather than being POSTed in the form
FormControl $this

Reimplemented from FormControl.

Definition at line 65 of file formcontroldom.php.

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