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FormControlLabel Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 _extend ()
 get (Theme $theme)
 set_label ($label)
 set_for ($for)

Static Public Member Functions

static wrap ($label, FormControl $control)

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Member Function Documentation

FormControlLabel::_extend (  ) 

Be sure that the name of the label isn't added as an attribute of the label tag

Reimplemented from FormControl.

Definition at line 12 of file formcontrollabel.php.

FormControlLabel::get ( Theme theme  ) 

Produce HTML output for all this fieldset and all contained controls

boolean $forvalidation True if this control should render error information based on validation.
string HTML that will render this control in the form

Reimplemented from FormContainer.

Definition at line 40 of file formcontrollabel.php.

FormControlLabel::set_for ( for  ) 

Apply this label to a control

FormControl $for The control that this label is for
FormControlLabel $this

Definition at line 62 of file formcontrollabel.php.

FormControlLabel::set_label ( label  ) 

Set the label text

string $label The text of the label
FormControlLabel $this

Definition at line 52 of file formcontrollabel.php.

static FormControlLabel::wrap ( label,
FormControl control 
) [static]

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