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Public Member Functions

 __get ($name)
 action_plugin_activation ($file)
 filter_token_description_display ($token)
 action_init ()
 action_plugin_deactivation ($file)
 filter_block_list ($block_list)
 action_block_form_menu ($form, $block)
 action_block_content_menu ($block, $theme)
 action_form_publish ($form, $post)
 action_publish_post ($post, $form)
 filter_adminhandler_post_loadplugins_main_menu ($menu)
 alias ()
 filter_admin_access_tokens (array $require_any, $page)
 get_menu_type_data ()
 filter_menu_type_data ($menu_type_data)
 get_menu_type_ids ()
 action_admin_theme_get_menu_iframe (AdminHandler $handler, Theme $theme)
 action_admin_theme_get_menus (AdminHandler $handler, Theme $theme)
 add_menu_form_save ($form)
 rename_menu_form_save ($form)
 term_form_save ($form)
 validate_newvocab ($value, $control, $form)
 get_menus ($as_array=false)
 render_menu_item (Term $term, $config)
 action_admin_header ($theme)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 17 of file menus.plugin.php.

Member Function Documentation

Menus::__get ( name  ) 

Return properties of this object


Definition at line 24 of file menus.plugin.php.

Menus::action_admin_header ( theme  ) 

Add required Javascript and, for now, CSS.

Definition at line 864 of file menus.plugin.php.

Menus::action_admin_theme_get_menu_iframe ( AdminHandler handler,
Theme theme 

Minimal modal forms

Definition at line 479 of file menus.plugin.php.

Menus::action_admin_theme_get_menus ( AdminHandler handler,
Theme theme 

Prepare and display admin page

Definition at line 552 of file menus.plugin.php.

Menus::action_block_content_menu ( block,

Populate the block with some content

Definition at line 122 of file menus.plugin.php.

Menus::action_block_form_menu ( form,

Produce the form to configure a menu

Definition at line 112 of file menus.plugin.php.

Menus::action_form_publish ( form,

Add menus to the publish form

Definition at line 140 of file menus.plugin.php.

Menus::action_init (  ) 

Register the templates - one for the admin page, the other for the block.

Definition at line 67 of file menus.plugin.php.

Menus::action_plugin_activation ( file  ) 

Create an admin token for editing menus

Definition at line 38 of file menus.plugin.php.

Menus::action_plugin_deactivation ( file  ) 

Remove the admin token

Definition at line 81 of file menus.plugin.php.

Menus::action_publish_post ( post,

Process menus when the publish form is received

Definition at line 173 of file menus.plugin.php.

Menus::alias (  ) 

Handle GET and POST requests

Definition at line 254 of file menus.plugin.php.

Menus::filter_admin_access_tokens ( array $  require_any,

Restrict access to the admin page

Definition at line 266 of file menus.plugin.php.

Menus::filter_adminhandler_post_loadplugins_main_menu ( menu  ) 

Add creation and management links to the main menu

Definition at line 205 of file menus.plugin.php.

Menus::filter_block_list ( block_list  ) 

Add to the list of possible block types.

Definition at line 103 of file menus.plugin.php.

Menus::filter_menu_type_data ( menu_type_data  ) 

Implementation of menu_type_data filter, created by this plugin

array $menu_type_data Existing menu type data
array Updated menu type data

Definition at line 306 of file menus.plugin.php.

Menus::filter_token_description_display ( token  ) 

function filter_token_description_display Plugin filter to localize token descriptions

string Token to get the description of
string The localized token description

Definition at line 56 of file menus.plugin.php.

Menus::get_menu_type_data (  ) 

Convenience function for obtaining menu type data and caching it so that it's not called repeatedly

The return value should include specific paramters, which are used to feed the menu creation routines. The array should return a structure like the following: $menus = array( 'typename' => array( 'form' => function(FormUI $form, Term|null $term){ },

) );


Definition at line 292 of file menus.plugin.php.

Referenced by action_admin_theme_get_menu_iframe(), action_admin_theme_get_menus(), get_menu_type_ids(), and render_menu_item().

Menus::get_menu_type_ids (  ) 
array The data array

Definition at line 464 of file menus.plugin.php.

Menus::render_menu_item ( Term term,

Callback function for block output of menu list item

Definition at line 813 of file menus.plugin.php.

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