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Public Member Functions

 action_init_theme ()
 action_add_template_vars ($theme)
 action_template_header ($theme)
 action_template_footer ($theme)
 act_display_home ($user_filters=array())
 theme_next_post_link ($theme)
 theme_prev_post_link ($theme)
 theme_feed_site ($theme)
 theme_prevpage_link ($theme)
 theme_nextpage_link ($theme)
 theme_prevpage_results ($theme)
 theme_nextpage_results ($theme)
 theme_comment_form ($theme)
 theme_search_form ($theme)
 action_form_login ($form)

Static Public Member Functions

static theme_pageselector ($theme)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 10 of file theme.php.

Member Function Documentation

MzingiHi::act_display_home ( user_filters = array()  ) 

Helper function: Displays the home page

array $user_filters Additional arguments used to get the page content

Reimplemented from Theme.

Definition at line 83 of file theme.php.

MzingiHi::action_add_template_vars ( theme  ) 

Add additional template variables to the template output.

You can assign additional output values in the template here, instead of having the PHP execute directly in the template. The advantage is that you would easily be able to switch between template types (RawPHP/HiEngine) without having to port code from one to the other.

You could use this area to provide "recent comments" data to the template, for instance.

Also, this function gets executed *after* regular data is assigned to the template. So the values here, unless checked, will overwrite any existing values.

Definition at line 45 of file theme.php.

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