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 info ()
 __construct ()
 _help_plugin_config_plugin ($actions, $plugin_id)
 _help_plugin_ui_plugin ($plugin_id, $action)
 get_version ()

Detailed Description

Habari Plugin Class

Template plugin object which specific plugin objects should extend This object provides the basic constructor used to ensure that plugin actions are registered against the appropriate dispatcher

Definition at line 17 of file plugin.php.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Plugin::__construct (  )  [final]

Plugin constructor. Plugins should not define their own constructors, because they are instantiated to extract plugin info. Instead, include a sink for a "init" hook which is executed immediately after the plugin is loaded during normal execution.

Reimplemented from Pluggable.

Definition at line 44 of file plugin.php.

Member Function Documentation

Plugin::_help_plugin_config_plugin ( actions,

Registered to the plugin_config hook to supply help via a plugin's help in xml

array $actions An array of actions applicable to this plugin
string $plugin_id The plugin id to which the actions belong
array The modified array of actions

Definition at line 56 of file plugin.php.

Plugin::_help_plugin_ui_plugin ( plugin_id,

Registered to the plugin_ui hook to supply help via a plugin's help in xml

string $plugin_id The id of the plugin whose action was triggered
string $action The action triggered

Definition at line 77 of file plugin.php.

Plugin::get_version (  ) 

Provide a method to return the version number from the plugin xml

string The plugin version from XML

Reimplemented from Pluggable.

Definition at line 92 of file plugin.php.

Plugin::info (  )  [final]

Loads a theme's metadata from an XML file in theme's directory.

Definition at line 25 of file plugin.php.

Referenced by _help_plugin_config_plugin(), _help_plugin_ui_plugin(), and get_version().

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