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Public Member Functions

 action_plugin_activation ($file)
 filter_post_delete_allow ($result, $post)
 action_post_actions (FormControlDropbutton $actions, $post)
 action_posts_manage_actions (FormControlDropbutton $post_actions)
 filter_admin_entries_action ($status_msg, $action, $posts)
 action_auth_ajax_undelete ()
 filter_plugin_config ($actions, $plugin_id)
 action_plugin_ui ($plugin_id, $action)
 updated_config ($ui)
 deleted_all ($ui)
 action_template_header ()
 action_admin_header ($theme)

Detailed Description

Undelete Class

This class provides undelete functionality for posts and comments, and provides a trashcan interface for restoring items.


Document methods

Provide an undo popup link like in gmail.

Definition at line 17 of file undelete.plugin.php.

Member Function Documentation

Undelete::action_plugin_activation ( file  ) 

function action_plugin_activation adds the "deleted" status type to the poststatus table when this plugin is activated.

Definition at line 24 of file undelete.plugin.php.

Undelete::action_template_header (  ) 

this method will inject some CSS into the <head> of the public facing theme so that deleted posts will show up differently

Definition at line 240 of file undelete.plugin.php.

Undelete::filter_post_delete_allow ( result,

This function is executed when the filter "before_post_delete" is called just before a post is to be deleted. This filter should return a boolean value to indicate whether the post should be deleted or not.

Boolean Whether to delete the post or not
Post The post object to potentially delete
Boolean Whether to delete the post or not

Definition at line 41 of file undelete.plugin.php.

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