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XMLRPCStruct Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 __set ($name, $value)
 __get ($name)
 __isset ($name)
 get_fields ()
 __construct ($fields=array())

Detailed Description

XMLRPC Struct type Used to hold struct types (objects) that are returned in XMLRPC requests.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

XMLRPCStruct::__construct ( fields = array()  ) 

Constructor for XMLRPCStruct

array $fields Default field values to set into properties.

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Member Function Documentation

XMLRPCStruct::__get ( name  ) 

Property getter for the XMLRPCStruct class. Returns the value of $this->fields for the specified porperty name.

string $name The name of the property
mixed The value stored for the requested property

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XMLRPCStruct::__isset ( name  ) 

Magic isset for XMLRPCStruct, returns whether a property value is set.

string $name The name of the parameter
boolean True if the value is set, false if not

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XMLRPCStruct::__set ( name,

Property setter for the XMLRPCStruct class. This allows the following: $struct = new XMLRPCStruct(); $struct->foo = 'bar'; // This is done by __set() and assigns 'bar' into $this->fields['foo']

string $name The name of the property on this object to set
mixed $value The value to set in the property

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XMLRPCStruct::get_fields (  ) 

Get the list of properties that this object contains.

array List of object properties, as stored in $this->fields.

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