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In this file, we just set the root dir and include system/system.php

A *very* simple DOMDocument wrapper, used to more easily query HTML values and append/remove elements

Contain a list of DOM nodes and provide access to them

A representation of the node on which we can call custom methods

A representation of a CSS selector, with methods to convert CSS to XPath

Habari Index

This is where all the magic happens: 1. Validate the installation 2. Set the locale 3. Load the active plugins 4. Parse and handle the incoming request 5. Run the cron jobs 6. Dispatch the request to the found handler

InstallerTheme is a custom Theme class for the installer.

Habari Pingback plugin, enables pingback support between sites. The Pingback spec Habari database specific connection class Mzingi is a custom Theme class for the mzingi theme.